Company outline

Functionality smoke-flavor salt and oil using smoke-flavor natural additives

Charmsut Co., Ltd?goes forward to a companyof health-seekingtype.



Company name: Charmsut Co., Ltd
Establishing date: Sutmaeul Saver Co., Ltd was founded on January 30, 2011 (144811-0008250).
Representative: Kim Seong-pil
Address (HQ): 115 Deokgu-ri, Sangdong-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon Province, Korea
Address (Factory): 518 Okdong-ri, Gimsatgat-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon Province, Korea






  1. Producing charcoal carbon powder using micro, branch, short, blanc hardwoods etc
  2. Manufacturing carbon powders using waste remains (23%) which occur from forest gardening industry, forest development project, and permitted business of cutting woods etc
  3. Providing safe foodstuffs such as ensuring freshness of low-salt foods and Annual 20% increase in sauces
  4. Contributing to abuse prevention regarding spices, seasonings, chemical food additives
  5. As a foodstuff processing industry, operating by attracting a processing factory of differentiated Gwamegi (half-dried herring) and mackerel is scheduled.
  6. Classified productions into general purpose, table use, industrial use etc are scheduled by enforcing lines of cooking oil and herb smoked salt are planned.
  7. Propelling R&D on pizza vessel manufacture using Charmsut carbonates and managing a chicken chain are scheduled.
  8. Advancing to smoke-flavor salt and cooking oil market is planned.



  1. Preliminary missions on salted seafood, fish Sikhye, pickles industry, Gwamegi, mackerel, Gulbi etc in pickled food industry were completed.
  2. Preliminary missions on chicken cooking, pizza, sauces etc in food processing industry were finished.
  3. Preliminary missions on charcoal bread (morning bread, loaf bread, confectionery) etc were completed.
  4. Preliminary missions on alcohol manufacturing as a local food were finished.
  5. Preliminary missions on ‘Pork chops, Egg& onion pancake, Chicken breast sandwich, Stir-fried vegetables and Seasoned bracken’ etc among marketable diagnostic reports of smoke products (salt, oil) were completed.
  6. With FDA foodstuff safety inspection, preliminary missions on masking effect, nutrition, organic compound, inorganic chemicals etc were finished.
  7. Preliminary missions on VBN, pH, TMA, viable cell count during storage were completed for foodstuff safety inspection by Korea Food Research Institute.
  8. Preliminary missions on management consulting (competitive survey, market research) were finished.