CEO greetings

A company of health-seeking type which contributes to mankind fitness! Charmsut Co., Ltd.


My name is Kim Seong-pil, Charcoal maker, who is representative of Charmsut Co., Ltd.

I am happy to greet you from the manufacturing on-site by commercializing products after long research period.

Classifications are made like hardwood charcoal which is gotten after oak is burned, oak natural- herb flavor, and ashes after burning. They are being used helpfully in real life and there are not any things to be thrown away. Among them, our company will release functional smoke-flavor salt using smoke-flavor natural additives and cooking oil as our products.


If looking at characteristics of the products, they have various properties and inorganic materials such as extension of food storage, natural flavoring, supporting roles of the taste, natural smoked solution, freshness maintenance, oxidation prevention, and antiseptic insect-proof. Specially, I expect that these products will contribute great roles to the strategy of reducing natrium by the government policy.


Lowing natrium movements have been done to prevent adult diseases together with a lot of interests in health recently.

By using these products, we intend to make healing effect in addition to health.

Based on sweats having been done for 40 years related to charcoals, we become to honorably introduce new products by using research results having been developed one step more based on sincerity which has been accumulated for the time being.


In future, we will make Charmsut Co., Ltdso as to approach customers closely with more diverse and satisfied products.


Representative ? Kim Seong-pil