2011. 08 12 Executed ” Foodstuff Development using vinegar salt and smoke- flavor oil ” as a regional specialty leading enterprise task
2011. 06 2013. 02 Participated in “Assistance projects such as marketing, BI, CI etc” as a regional specialty leading enterprise task
2011. 04. 28 Business registration of Sutmaeul Saver at Samchok Tax Office (Taebaek)
2011. 04. 22 Moved into Room 303 of Business Start-up Incubator Center, Kangwon Tourism College
2011. 01. 30 Established Sutmael Saver Co., Ltd 144811-0008250
1998. 10 2012. 12? Status of broadcast appearances and marketability diagnostic report
1) KBS broadcast
Mystery of the charcoal which is proved scientifically, Mystery of the bamboo, Ssak Ssak of charcoal country, Become oak charcoal Charcoal secret having been alive again, Charcoal secret of toasting hardwood charcoal, My dream and My challenge. Traditional experience Deep-rooted tree, The oak tree is a natural resource, I want to go there. The oak charcoal having breaths of a millennium as it is, Metal crafts as obstinacy of a craftsman on iron and fire Hot force of presenting health! Charcoal! Kim Seong-pil life of 30-year charcoal Charcoal kiln, remembers charcoal years. Vinegar-flavor salt etc (20 episodes)
2) MBC broadcast
Magic of the charcoal, 30 years as a charcoal maker (2 episodes)
3) EBS broadcast
Charcoal maker Kim Seong-pil (1 episode)

4) The Korea Standards Association (2012.8.13) : Marketability diagnostic reports on the smoke product (Salt, Cooking oil)

Classification Salt comparison (Refined salt, Smoke salt) Edible oil (Cooking oil, Smoke oil)
Color, Burnish Excellent(4) Excellent(3)
Taste Excellent(4) Excellent(4)
Saltiness Excellent(2) Excellent(2)
Fishy smell Excellent(5) Excellent(5)
Texture Excellent(4) Excellent(3)
Total harmony Excellent(4) Excellent(2)
Other opinions “This product cannot be compared with the refined salt in taste, color, flavor, off-flavor, and the oil was judged best in the taste part among 3 kinds of total items.