Business plan


1st business plan operational contents

Business start-up using smoke-flavor salt (Oak Smoked Salt)

  • Sauces, Pickled sea foods, Pickles, Fish salting industry, Table salt, all kinds of food processing products etc
  • Operation of processing factories having high consumptions on Gwamegi(half-dried herring), mackerel, Shikhye( sweet drink made from fermented rice), pickled sea foods etc.
  • Production and sales for general consumers (20, 10, 5kg) and table consumers (eo,wnd,th) are scheduled.
  • Starting market sales which will be applied to general and special cooking


Business start-up using smoke-flavor edible oils (Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil)

  • Selecting ‘chicken’ chain store in the fried foodstuff industry, and ‘fried dishes’ in general foodstuff
  • Making a decision after selecting the item among all kinds of the fried food industry.
  • Production and sales are planned for general sales (20 ) and consumers (250 , 500 , 1).


Operating Gwamegi and mackerel processing factory

  • Managing Gwamegi Dukjang (drying facility) by using Taeback Maebongsan MT and marine climate
  • Operating a factory for producing mackerels which are captured in east sea a lot
  • Managing a factory for producing Shikhye of flounders which are captured a lot in east sea and picked sea foods


2nd business plan operational contents

  • Manufacturing pizza vessels using oak charcoal carbonic material and managing a pizza chain store (Attracting a research service is scheduled)
  • Managing edible fission charcoal industry (Attracting industry using charcoals for preventing all kinds of adult disease)
  • Foodstuff development using the mineral of charcoal(charcoal bread, noodle, pancakes) is planned
  • Operating sales business of natural food additives